Monday, November 8, 2010

I Heart Trees

It's true. I heart trees a LOT. I was not always smitten with the perennial woody plant though.
I grew up near the coast in Wilmington, North Carolina. We had lots of pine trees.
They were tall and not very pretty, and they dropped a lot of pine needles which we would have to rake into piles and stuff into big black garbage bags.
Apparently, some pine trees are pretty. Ours, not so much.

And this is what pine trees drop on your head. Pine needles. Even the name is painful.

Occasionally while growing up, I would see an old oak tree (you know, in the older, rich part of town - or in a graveyard, spooky!). Or a dogwood tree. Those are pretty cool, too. BUT, it was not until I went to college that I really began my love affair with trees!

Oh beautiful trees, how do I love thee! Let me count the ways....

Seriously, I marveled at these trees that not only 1) had actual leaves, but 2) also lovingly rained those crisp leaves down upon me, after 3) they had been so creative as to change those green leaves into an array of amazing fall colors! How thoughtful, I thought!

I walked through enormous piles of leaves between classes. (I'm sure the grounds keepers loved me.) I wrote poems about leaves and trees in my head. And my love affair with Fall was officially ON.

We were a happy couple, Fall and I, for about twelve years, off and on (that tends to happen with seasons, and the sporadic-ness of our relationship is no indication of the undying love and devotion we felt for one another). But then, something happened that threatened our future....

I got engaged. And, as a bride to be, I was faced with my first tough decision:
When and Where would I choose to marry My One True Love (Oh, sorry. I'm referring to Mr. Magic here, not Fall.)

We could get married in my hometown of Wilmington, I thought. In that case, it would have to be a Spring wedding with azaleas, oak trees, and Spanish moss, like this!g wit
Albeit gorgeous, a Spring wedding in Wilmington did not make a whole lot of sense for us. For all intents and purposes, I have lived in Chapel Hill for twelve years. Mr. Magic, even longer - he moved here when he was eight years old. His mother is here, his brothers too, and most of our friends live here.

PLUS...Fall lives here!

I am so excited to get married to the man I love in the season I love. And I really hope that when the big day rolls around, Fall is fully underway with all it's colors out, so we can get some pics like this!

How did you decide when you would get married? What's your favorite, or least favorite, season?
My least fave season is Winter. It's cold, it makes my skin dry, and it signifies the end of Fall. Sad.


  1. I also love fall. It was on the upper quad that I experienced my first Virginia Woolf Moment of Being (after I learned what that was). I was walking to my art history class from McIver and the leaves were all orange and swirling around me. Fall makes you think about how connected you are to the world around you - a beautiful way to show you how great change can be. And I really like pumpkin pie. And pumpkin cookies. And pumpkin bread. And pumpkin spice lattes...

  2. Just thought I'd write back! I bought the handkerchiefs for about a dollar each (including shipping). I didn't want to spend any more than that! But then, of course, my mom goes and buys a bunch for $3 each at an antique store. Pshh.

  3. We ended up having a 14 month engagement because I was absolutely determined to get married in the fall. You were there! No other season would suffice. Like you, I considered spring for about 3 seconds (love the color palettes) and then my heart brought me back to the reality of the rich fall tones in nature and in fashion. YAY for fall!!!

    p.s. My least favorite season in summer. HATE IT! Even though I want to move to New Orleans - go figure. I'm a walking paradox.

  4. I love fall, but it is so short here in Calgary! I'm really excited that we got engagement pictures in beautiful fall foliage in Vancouver a couple of weeks ago. But that being said, we are getting married in the summer. We really want an outdoor ceremony and the best chance for that in Vancouver is in the summer! But winter is probably my least favourite since it gets so cold and also gets dark so early!