Saturday, January 1, 2011

Two Thousand Eleven

I got really annoyed when people said "twenty ten" to indicate "2010." I don't know why. It's not like I didn't say "nineteen ninety eight" to mean "1998." But for some reason, I prefer to say our brand new year's name as Two Thousand Eleven.

So, happy Two Thousand Eleven to you! And what does our new year bring? New goals to attempt!

I like to make a lot of resolutions...that way, the odds improve that at least one of them will get accomplished. Sometimes, I make sorta tricky fake resolutions that are impossible to NOT accomplish. For instance, in two thousand and nine, I resolved to drink more milk. I accomplished it easily, as I rarely, rarely, rarely EVER drank any milk before that. Dunzo.


Here are my resolutions for Two Thousand Eleven, in no particular order!

1. Drink more water. I am purposefully not trying to eat more healthily...why set myself up for failure like that? But drinking more water is something I can hopefully do.

2. Join a gym...and use it. I think the upcoming wedding and the tightness of my dress around my midsection might provide me the motivation I need to do a little cardio and a few sit ups.

3. Get my LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker)! I'm thinking the licensure process will be finished by the end of February. Thank goodness.

4. Begin to see some clients privately, after I have my license. Yay for private practice! Yay!

5. Be in less debt and have more savings by the end of the year.

6. Work less. I know, this doesn't make a lot of sense with the previous goals of starting to see clients privately and making money and paying off debts. But hopefully I can cut back more on my current second job and perhaps my current #1 job and maybe introduce job #3 (private practice) and be my own boss and make more money. Good plan, huh?

7. Enjoy my wedding day and let the little things go. This might involve medication.

8. Count to ten before I lash out verbally in anger or sarcasm. This also might involve medication, and maybe some yoga practice too.

9. Get to the beach at least three times in the summer and a total of at least six times in the whole year.

10. Learn some new recipes and cook more at home.

11. Run at least one 5K.

12. Get tickets to and attend the NKOTB and BSB reunion tour. They are not performing here in North Carolina but they are performing in Nashville and Atlanta. I don't care so much about the Backstreet Boys but the New Kids on the Block were around when I was growing up, back in the nineteen eighties and nineteen nineties. I about had a heart attack last night when I saw their mash up.

In case you missed it...


Who's your favorite singer of NKOTBSB? I mean, what are some of your resolutions? And do you say "twenty eleven" or "two thousand eleven?"

Talk to you soon. I gotta go drink some water....


  1. Girl you are hilarious! You can totally do all the things on this list. I hope 2011 will be amazing for you.. well, of course it will, you're getting married! Have a great 2011!

  2. Love your blog!

    Drinking more water was on my list many many years ago. I used to drink 4 large glasses of water at once after school and then I wouldn't be able to move for awhile because all the water would slosh around in my stomach. Oh, to be 15 again.

  3. I just wanted to let everyone know the update a few days into the new year. Cause I know you are waiting with bated breath. 1. NKOTBSB has added a NC date to their tour. Oh, and I have been drinking some water. Yay for 2011!

  4. I have sixth row tickets for the Nashville show!


    Super pumped because:
    1: I saw BSB in August and am still reeling from the awesome.
    2: I saw them perform on NYE with dick clark and almost died of happiness.


  5. Oh yes, I love me some NKOTB but I'm pretty meh on BSB. I was a huge fan of Jordan as a teenager... Hope you were able to get tickets!