Monday, January 10, 2011

Budget Bride Tips: Groupon and Living Social

If you're not interested in trying your hand at couponing, there are still other easy ways to save money. Using sites such as Groupon and Living Social is a great way to score awesome deals on many things - some that are even wedding related!

You may have heard of these sites, but here's how they work. Each day, the site offers a "new deal." A certain number of people have to sign up for the deal and then it is "on" and anyone can buy it. I have never seen a deal NOT have enough people signed up for it for the deal to go live.

You can sign up for deals local to you. But, also be aware that sometimes a deal is listed for another city, but is actually available to anyone no matter where you live!. Check out this screen shot that I got from Southern Savers!

Groupon National Deals Roundup by Southern Savers

This screen shot lists deals that are open to anyone - you do not have to live in that city to get the deal! It's a pain to go through and check ever city each day to see what is up for grabs though, so I normally just check into Southern Savers and Jenny posts on there if there are good deals up for grabs.

It's important to read the fine print. Sometimes the deal is good for new customers only, or might have an expiration date.

I have seen and bought some great deals specifically for our wedding! So without further adieu, here they are!

Deal #1: I paid 30$ and got 75$ worth of merchandise from a fabric and sewing shop in town. I am using that material to make napkin rings and bunting.

Deal #2: 16x20 Personalized Canvas Print for 28$ and free shipping. I am going to get this pic done of us, to go with our tree theme!

Deal #3: Hot yoga to get my butt in shape before the big day! I swear I think I will pass out when I do this, but I bought it anyway: 15 Bikram Yoga classes for 25$!

Deal #4: 60% off Food and Drink at The General Store Cafe. They are our caterers, so we can now go eat some of their yummy food anytime at a great discount!

Other potentially awesome wedding deals I have seen include hair salon discounts, spa deals, wholesale flowers on sale, and dance lessons for only a fraction of the regular cost. I am totally waiting for those dance lesson deals to roll back around, and then I am snatching them up and me and the Mister are going to learn how to do a bit more than the seventh grade sway.

There is also Living Social Escapes! This site offers heavily discounted vacation packages. Right now there is one for an all inclusive resort in Cancun! I'm gonna go drool over that and imagine myself far away from this freakish Southern Winter!

Do you use Groupon or Living Social? What are some of your fave deals that you have scored?


  1. OMG. I bow down to your thriftiness! I am itching to try Groupon or Living Social but we don't have money for entertainment, etc. right now :(

  2. Those are great! I've only bought one Groupon....2 lift tickets for $50 at 7 Springs. A pretty good deal if I do say so myself.

  3. Kristin, you should get the emails and just check them out. One time I saw pay 5$ get 15$ to a local Mexican place here, or another time it was 10$ for 25$ to a restaurant.

    Oh and don't even worry, there are some more thrifty tips coming soon! ;-)