Thursday, January 20, 2011

It has pockets! Yay!

Over the Christmas holidays, my little sis came up to stay with me and the Mister. I bought her lots of presents and fed her food and stuff, and in return she went and tried on approximately one million bridesmaids dresses. OK in actuality, it was, like, twenty five.

To try on these dresses, we went to discount bridal heaven, also known as the Bridal Mart (and formerly known as the Bridal Barn...awesome, no?).

It might not look like much, but they carry a wide variety of brands at discount prices! And no, I am not paid to advertise. I just really, really, really like a good bargain.

It's the Jim Hjelm Occasions that really sucked me in, as I am a total label whore! Surprisingly, their dresses were not as awesome as I expected. Sad. 

Because my lil sis is nineteen years old, five foot nine inches tall, and a size two, every single dress looked amazing on her. This made her both the best and worst model ever. She is the best model because if something only looked "meh" on her, it sure as hell wasn't going to look good on anyone else either.

Kind of blah, and what is up with the funky length?

But on the other hand, she is the worst model because even if a dress looked good on her, it did not mean the dress would look good on anyone else. I mean, don't get me wrong, all my bridesmaids are gorgeous and beautiful and lovely and stunning, but they are not 19 frickin' years old with no hips and no butt.

See? 19 with no hips and no butt.
I love this dress but I think it is a little slim fitting. 

Here are the top contenders!
Oh lace keyhole back, how I love you, how I adore you, how I am putting you away because your price tag reads over 200$ at the Bridal Barn, and that is insane!!!

 Red dress. You are fine but mostly boring and I don't even remember where you came from. Yawn. 

This dress was cute, flattering, and came in a cute color. Plus, this dress keeps good company...see?
This is the above dress's friend....
Bari Jay #206. It has pockets! Yay!

I love this dress. LOVE it. I think it is the pockets. The dress is just so sassy to me!

Looking back on the twenty some pics we took, we realized a few things. One, these bridesmaids dresses kinda all look the same after awhile. Almost all the dresses are strapless. A little variety please, bridal designers? Two, pockets are rad. Three, shiny fabric might not go with cardigan sweaters like my original inspiration.
Four, we needed sustenance. Enter Cook Out. Because nothing says "Thank you for trying on a bazillion dresses" like a burger, fries, and milkshake from Cook Out! 

Do you think shiny fabric (yes, that is a technical term) is too, um, shiny to pair with a cardigan sweater? How was your bridesmaid dress shopping experience?


  1. I love that style of dress for BMs! The pockets are an extra super plus. Could you find shiny cardigans? I've seen a few bridesmaids (and brides) with shiny, sequins, or glittery cardigans that looks great!

  2. I second Kristin..try to find shiny cardigans! Sometimes you can find cardigans at J.Crew that are a little "shiny". You've got some time too, so maybe you could hit up their winter clearance sales.

  3. I. love. pockets. I would snatch that last dress right up! It's gorgeous. I would say you could definitely still do cardigans.. maybe go back with an idea of what you would have your girls wear and see if it goes with the fabric. If not, maybe a sequin cardigan, as mentioned!

  4. I adore pockets!!!

  5. Oh, I love the black dress with the keyhole back! The the purple dress with the pockets is totes adorbs.

    As for a shiny dress with a cardigan? Yes! J.Crew had a bling button cardigan that would be awesome. So a nice cardi with some blingy buttons would look terrific!