Friday, January 14, 2011

Budget Bride Tips: Saving Money on Online Shopping

OK, if you aren't into couponing (which you really, really should be, it is not as much work or as time consuming as you might imagine!) and you already use Groupon and Living Social to get some awesome deals, here is yet another way to save some money!

We all shop online, right? What if I told you that for almost every purchase you make online, you can get 2% to 10%, on average, cash back in the form of a check that is mailed to you? And, it's legal.

It's super duper freaking easy! Join either Ebates or Upromise. Every time you want to make an online purchase, log into one of those sites first, and then click over to the store from their site. You will automatically get a certain percentage of cash back on your order, and it is mailed to you in a check every three months or so.

I have been a member of Ebates since 2009, and for awhile I forgot to use it. This past Christmas though, I did all my shopping online, and soon I will be getting a check for $31.63! Just for shopping online!

Have you used Ebates or Upromise , or are you going to start using them now?


  1. Oh, awesome! I don't really shop online, especially now, but I'll make sure to use these websites when/if I start. That's amazing that you get money back from shopping! Thanks!

  2. I used UPromise a bit in college, but have never heard of Ebates. I'm definitely going to start using these!

  3. We used ebates on our anniversary cruise and got $16 back for it! Thats what? 2 drinks for free? HECK YEA!