Sunday, January 23, 2011

Thank You.

for agreeing to buy this dress that you will never, ever wear again.

That's what I told my bridesmaids when we went to David's Bridal yesterday. I had looked at the David's Bridal website and saw that they had a dress similar to the cute pocket dress I posted about here...and David's Bridal had it for 99$!

They had other cute dresses too, like these.
So the girls tried on a bunch to see what they liked best. One interesting thing about the David's Bridal dressing rooms is that they do not have mirrors in the you are forced to go outside the room to see what you look like. It's kinda weird. Anyway, the girls looked lovely in the dresses...see?

This dress is in the color Sangria, which might be the color we go with.

 Three of my bridesmaids in their chosen dresses!
I even got in the act myself. I tried on the charmeuse strapless pocket dress, thinking I could get it in white and wear it at the rehearsal.

And I loved it! But the even better news is this: David's Bridal has a policy where if the bride buys her dress at DB, then each bridesmaid can get 20$ off their dresses. And, the above dress is listed as a Bridal Gown. I called and asked if this dress was eligible for the coupon booklet, and they said even though it was not supposed to be (I guess too inexpensive?), they would let me have it. Score!

I felt really relieved that we found some affordable options that the girls liked. We don't have to place the order until July, so I might keep an eye out and see if anything better rolls around (hello, Anthropologie, I'm talkin' 'bout you here!) but if not, I think these will work well.

I swear, this is such a relief. Did you feel like the bridesmaid dress hunt was a challenge? What was more important to you: price, style, or something else?


  1. Pretty! I love that 3rd one on your BM, I'd totally wear that again. Love me some DB!

  2. I LOVE that halter one! But they're all super-cute. I definitely would wear pretty much any of those again.

  3. I love all of your picks... the pockets are super cute!

    for my ladies looking nice was a must but price was the biggest factor. they will never wear the dresses again and I couldn't afford to buy them so we went to David's picked out some pretty styles and they choose the dress they liked in the color I liked. I am happy with my decision to go the "same color different style" route

  4. Those are such cute dresses - love them! I totally hear ya on wanting to see what Anthropologie comes out with. I love their dresses!

    Ultimately my mom will be making the girls dresses (luckily I only have two) so that is keeping things in budget for them!