Tuesday, October 11, 2011

You Like Us! You Really Like Us!

Alternate Title: There are a Boatload of People Coming to Our Wedding.

Alternate Title #2: The One Thing I Would Change About This Wedding Process.

We invited approximately 177 people to our wedding. I say approximately because there were a couple of last minute add ons coughbytheMisterandhisfamilynotmecough that I don't think ever officially got on the list-list. They got an invite, but maybe weren't actually added to the Google doc that holds all the relevant guest info. Whatevs. Not my problem.

Anyway, I was a little nervous. I was initially hoping for 100 people, and then I decided that was unrealistic and bumped that number up to 120, maybe 130. I may have been that bride that opens up the RSVPs and wishes "Please, be a no!" But it turns out, people like us a freaking lot.

 Sally Field's "You Really Like Me" Speech / Image via Nina Spencer

There are ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY SOME PEOPLE coming to our wedding. Also known as a boatload.

Kinda Like This, 'Cept with People / Image via Just My Truth

Want a breakdown? Here it is!

In State Guests: 103 invited, 89 "yay, will be there!"s, 14 "no, will be squares" = 86% yays

Out of State Guests: 73 invited, 46 "yay, will be there!"s, 27 "no, will be squares" = 63% yays

Out of the Country Guest: 1 invited, 1 no = 0% yays

Us: 2. I kept forgetting to include us.

Professionals Who Might Get Hungry But Won't Necessarily Need a Chair: 7

Total Number of Peoples: 144. 177 invited, 144 coming, 81% yays!

Yay Freaking Indeed. OK, don't get me wrong. We chose to invite most of these people. We're not idiots. It's just a lot of people. And people as wedding guests are expensive. It will all be fine in the friendly end. It's just...a lot.

Other FUN Wedding RSVP Statistics. And I use the word "fun" completely ironically!!!

Didn't Respond by the Deadline: Approximately 30 people total. Despite Facebook and Gchat prompts, emails, calls, reminders, we have still not heard back from 4 people. Lame.

Responded But Didn't Put Their Name on the Invitation: ZERO. Forget the invisible ink, it was a waste of time.

Responded, Included Their Name, But Forgot to Check Yay or Nay: Two. Really?

People Coming Who Neither Me Nor the Mister Know: Too many, in my humble opinion. I'm not sure why I let those people get on the guest list in the first place. Actually, I do know. It was in the beginning stages of wedding planning when everything was hunky dory and I wasn't thinking about numbers or money and when people said "Oh, they won't come" I believed them.

If I could get with Cher and turn back time, this is the number one thing I would change about this entire wedding process. Not inviting people I don't know.
Is there anything you would change about the guest list, or anything else?


  1. You even managed to make an invitation breakdown fun. I love you. I really, really do. You're one of my favorite bees ever.

  2. wow what a great comprehensive breakdown! I'm not sure the percentages and what not but I can say that we had a pretty freaking high acceptance rate as well and we also had at least 20 or 30 people who didn't respond by the deadline, too. It happens. two must be very loved and very popular!! Just look at it that way!