Thursday, October 13, 2011

North Carolina, Come On and Raise Up

Alternate Title: I got 99 Problems, But Getting Legally Married Ain’t One.

I’ve been kind of complainy lately. I whined about how too many people love us and are coming to our wedding. And about my rehearsal dressbeing too white and shiny. And those damn time consuming invitations that made me lose my mind.

But, on the eve of the day when Mr. Magic and I will go to the courthouse to get our marriage license, I realize that while I might have a lot of first-world problems, there is one problem I don’t have – and that’s getting legally married.

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North Carolina, I think, is an awesome state. I’ve lived here my entire life, and there is really no other place I’d rather be. We’ve got beautiful beaches, gorgeous mountains, all four seasons, and some nice, down home folks who like to eat barbeque and say things that sound nice but are actually insults, like “Bless her heart.”
But, recently, some elected officials have decided they should amend the state constitution to legally ban same sex marriage. This is ridiculously crazy and a waste of time and money because:

Same sex marriage is already not allowed in the state of North Carolina.

This amendment, should it pass (God forbid), will also ban:
             Civil unions of all kind – even between, you know, opposite sex folks.
             Domestic partnerships of all kind – gay or straight.

I know, y’all are scratching your heads right now! Me freaking too! So if same sex marriage is already not allowed (which, by the way, is balls in and of itself – yes, I said “balls”), why do these legislators want to amend the constitution and basically reduce everyone’s rights?

Because they are ignorant, money-spending haters who would rather tear people and communities down rather than build them up.

Bless their hearts.

Luckily, polls show that most North Carolinians are against this amendment. Now, most North Carolinians aren’t for same sex marriage...yet – we are a slow people down here in the South. They just don’t think it is OK to take people’s rights away. 

In case you can’t tell by now, I am a proud North Carolinian and I am also pro-marriage.

Quote by Liz Feldman / Image via Queeried

I’m a wedding blogger, I'm getting hitched myself in a little over two weeks, and I'm totally for marriage! I’ve got some peeps who’ve wedded recently, and some peeps planning to tie the knot soon. And I’ve got some peeps who are completely in love, perfect for each other, 100% committed and engaged but can’t actually get married because, for reasons I don't understand, it is illegal.

Image via Bratty's Ramblings 

Tomorrow, I am getting my 60$ cash, going to the courthouse with Mr. Magic, showing some proof of identification, and we’ll walk out with a marriage license. It will be a big day for us.

But I hope that in May 2012, NC will take a cue from Petey Pablo and will come on and raise up, vote NO on Amendment One, and begin to take steps to allowing big days of getting marriage license for all my same sex peeps.


  1. You should add amazing writer and spot on advocate to your resume...right above children's birthday party entertainment.

    Love is love.

    Vote NO on Amendement One - May 8, 2012

  2. thanks miss magic! i sure do love you friend and appreciate you rising up with me!! can't wait to celebrate your big day this year and mine next year, legal or not!!

  3. Agreed completely.