Monday, October 17, 2011

I Think I Am Going To Vomit

I am getting married next week, y'all. NEXT. WEEK. That is, like, practically tomorrow.

Also, I drank 3 glasses of wine tonight.

Also, I haven't been sleeping and I feel kind of nauseous all the time (no, I am not pregnant). Yes, the wine helps with that...ok, with the sleeping part at least.

I'm not nauseous about marrying Mr. Magic. I mean, we fight and stuff, sure, but we are good together. He's like the yin to my yang. Or, like this:

I'm nauseous about the damn details. The seating chart. The music. The guests. The frickin' out of town bags.

Our wedding might be a hot mess, with mismatched colors (sheesh, I hope not) and randomness (like tables named after creatures), but we'll be married. And that's what matters, right?

How did you cope with the stress? Wine? Yoga?

1 comment:

  1. I think you should give yourself this week to stress and get stuff done (and drink bottles of wine!), and then just let it all go. I guarantee that after a certain point, you're just gonna say eff it, if it's not done, it's not getting done, and then all of your stress will just melt away!

    Either that, or just drink more wine, until your stress melts away! :)