Monday, October 24, 2011

439 People Told Me NOT To Check the Weather

I did it anyway. And now I have less than zero confidence in weather forecasters (no offense, meteorological bees!), and a whole heap of anxiety about the weather.

October 21st Weather Prediction / Screen shot from

When I first started writing this post (on 10-21-2011) this was the forecast from, whom I thought was the #1 weather authority. They themselves changed their mind about my wedding day weather no less than 5 times on October 21st, going from mostly cloudy to partly cloudy to scattered showers (the horror!) to mostly cloudy. Yes, I checked it, like, twenty seven times. What, is that a lot or something?

You might be thinking "Why are you freaking out, Magic? You are always so stressed! Take a chill pill, yo, that weather forecast looks fine!"

This one looks OK too. / Screenshot via

As does this one. / Screenshot via Intellicast

Fast forward from October 21st til now.

The fact that there is a one percent chance of snow on my wedding day is really frightening. There should be NO chance of snow!!!!

Here's the bottom line. I'm hopeful it won't rain (again, no trust in these wishy-washy forecasts) but I have realized it's gonna be at least a bit chilly (and maybe downright cold), especially at night. Luckily, our venue has an enormous outdoor fireplace for s'mores, which we had already planned on doing...although, if it's raining, that won't work....
Barn at Valhalla fireplace / Image via Barn at Valhalla

And we added heaters and side walls for our tent (for another 1100$ - awesome!). And we will now be having hot apple cider, or hot cider with spiced rum if you are so inclined.

If all else fails, we have our youth and our liquor to keep us warm.

Are you worried about the weather at your wedding?

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