Monday, July 11, 2011

Technology is Like "New Math" to Me

Remember when you were growing up and you'd come home from school, and ask your parents to help you with your math homework because you hated math and it was awful and made you cry? And your parents were all like "Sorry, that is some new fangled shiz math, I can't help you with that"?

 Image via Psychology Today

Yes, I remember that too. Also a couple of years ago I was consulting in a classroom and they were literally doing multiplication in an entirely new way, and my mind was totally blown. I mean, I could get the answer...but totally only in the old way. The new way was weird and different and only like one-bazillionth of a second quicker. What's the point?

This is how I feel about technology. I have a laptop, an iPhone, and an iPad. I've got Facebook, Twitter, Google+, like twenty seven of my own personal, work, and/or wedding blogs, another bazillion blogs I don't have time to follow as fully as I would like, three email accounts, and a virtual partridge in a pear tree. Ok, that's a joke... it's really a virtual pet.

It seems as if all this technology should be useful in wedding planning. Like, there should be some magical app that organizes all my wedding vendors' contact info, timelines, deposit due dates, and all that stuff...but apparently I have to enter all that info myself, which is totally lame. I thought the iPad was magic? Oh wait, that's just me!

I spent a bunch of time searching for apps online, and then realized that I hate making virtual lists anyway. I want a paper list that I can mark through or cross off in actual reality...clicking a trackpad to put a virtual check mark is not as satisfying. So here it is, my completely oldschool wedding checklist.

Photo taken by me and my new fangled iPhone in bad light.

On this awesome extra large sticky list, you can see exactly what needs to be done and what has been accomplished. Exactly one thing has been accomplished. What can I say, I've had the ennui (which I am recovering from, thanks for the concern and comments!).

Anyway, I'm curious...has technology aided you in your wedding process, or is technology like "new math" to you too?


  1. I would make an Excel sheet, a Google doc, a word doc on my desktop so it would be there every time I opened by laptop AND keep paper lists all over the damn place and I'd still make new lists to replace old lists, not remember to use/tick off the old lists, etc. Apparently I like MAKING lists, just not following them. What use is that, really?

  2. See, you have such nice handwriting, so your written lists are legible! I have sucky handwriting, so by default, google docs lists just work better for me, because at least I can read it!

    Oh, and in reading your list, if you would like a big box of photobooth props, I'm your gal. I just found it when searching through wedding stuff this afternoon, trying to find the things I'd set aside to put in a shadow box. I've got hats, crowns, boas, mardigras masks, those glasses with noses attached, mustaches, a coconut bra, and a bunch of other stuff.