Sunday, July 17, 2011

Surprise! It's Bachelorette Time.

I freaking hate surprises, y'all. Totally. I always feel left out that I'm not part of the planning process, and get really anxious about what might happen, and feel sorry for myself that I can't get excited and anticipate the event that is coming, because I don't know what to anticipate. Then I get anxious again.

Yes, I have a's been well established now in these blog posts.

Anyways, my bachelorette weekend was drawing near and it was a complete surprise. I kept trying to break all my friends individually to learn more about what was happening but they kept their secrets, well...secret. Here is what I did know.

I knew my little sister, Mini Magic, was in charge of planning, along with my bridesmaids. Now I love Mini Magic, but she is only 19, and has not had a ton of experience in party planning. Partying, planning, not so much.

This made me anxious (completely needlessly so, since she and the other gals pulled the entire weekend off amazingly).

I knew we were staying at the Hotel Tarrymore in downtown Wilmington.
Image via Hotel Tarrymore

I knew I was supposed to wear a black dress Saturday night, and everyone else was also wearing black dresses too, for the lingerie shower / fancy dinner / going out portion of the festivities.

I really thought it was going to be a French themed shower, which seemed like a fun yet slightly obvious choice. Oh, I was sooooooooooo wrong. It was wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better than that. It was the best surprise ever!!!

Do you like surprises, or would you rather know all the facts up front?

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