Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bachelorette Weekend: The Big Reveal

So I mentioned in my last post that I knew the bachelorette weekend was coming up, but I didn't know much about it except there was a secret theme and we all had to wear black dresses. Oh, and I thought it was gonna be a French theme with baguettes and French wine and macaroons and the like. Bridesmaid Bunny pointed out "If it had been a French theme we would have all worn boatneck shirts with stripes." So true.

On the night of the shower, Mini Magic bossily told me to get dressed and then get out for one hour so they could get stuff ready.
She may be 19, but she is totally in control of the situation. For real.

I dutifully put on my black dress and was escorted out with my friends Batman and Canadia. I gave them a brief tour of downtown Wilmington (Look, that's Port City Java, they have awesome Mocha Shakes...That's where Dawson and Joey kissed in Dawson's Creek...There's the battleship...Oh look, here's a bar!), and then we drank a bottle of wine.

I'm shocked and appalled at how quickly we drank that bottle.

We hightailed it back to the hotel, where I opened the door to the Hotel Tarrymore's Atrium and promptly made this face:

So if it wasn't a French theme, what was it? I was on the phone with Bridesmaid Bunny (trying to get her to crack under interrogation) when she opened her invitation. She said "Wow, this is amazing!" and I asked her if a butterfly was going to fly out, like in the movie Bridesmaids. Here's the amazing invitation, that I had heard many of my friends raving about before the weekend, but I finally saw when I walked in that door...

Knot Card invitation custom made BySharonMarie

 (Secret: BySharonMarie is my mom but she can make you cool Knot Cards too!!!)

Y'all may not know this about me, but I love me some Audrey Hepburn and I especially love the movie Breakfast at Tiffany's. I love that she has a cat named Cat, and that she keeps her phone in a suitcase, and that she wears a crazy eye mask to bed. In fact, one time I dressed up like Holly Golightly in that scene where she wakes up and has the tassel earrings, and the sleep mask, and a men's tuxedo shirt on! And they put a picture of me dressed up like that on the cake!

Yes, that is Garfield playing the role of Cat.
Also, I was not wearing pants when this photo was taken. Hey, it was Halloween.

Oh, you want some more details about this amazing, wonderfully thought out Breakfast at Tiffany's themed bachelorette shower extravaganza? OK....

Yummy eats and lovely decor

Cracker Jack! Awwww...

All the girls signed and dated the poster for me!

Pearls and sparkly shades for everyone, and a tiara, gloves, and cigarette holder for me.

 Freaking cute favor boxes and tons of sparkly Tiffany's rings.

 Me opening the favor boxes...

 Quote on the front, me and Mr. Magic on the back! Too cute!

And a frickin' photo opportunity as well?!? 

Yes, Mini Magic and Magic Mom made a Tiffany and Co. sign for us to pose by!

Piano Girl and Mini Magic hanging the sign

Self Portrait!

They also had the movie playing in the background. Tons of freaking details for a wonderful, amazing, worth the anxiety and wait, mahvelous SURPRISE party!

Do you love details like this? Don't you think we should all quit our jobs and start planning (and enjoying) parties for a living? ME TOO!

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