Saturday, July 3, 2010

British Shower: Eatin' and Drankin'

Yes, I said "drankin'." It was a, um, southern England party.

I thought I'd let you in on some of the thinkin' behind throwing a British shower. You know, in case you have a Britophile freak for a friend and need to throw a shower in this style. As I said before, the theme was chosen because the bride, Pumpkin, loves England! The idea for a British tea was passed around, but that was a bit too stuffy for our group of gals so we stuck with the British theme but made it more fun.

The food and drinks were a bit of a challenge, because, as you may have heard, British food is not all that delish (sorry British bees...maybe we just aren't cultured enough to appreciate it!). Plus, BM Pumpkin is a vegetarian, so having "bangers and mash" was out.

In the end, we decided to do half semi-authentic British food, and half regular party food with made up British names. We kept it vegetarian because we are so freakin' thoughtful (although having chicken wings did cross my mind, I'm not gonna lie. We could have called them, um, "Big Ben's Chick-en." Haha, I'm so (not) clever).

For the drinks we had Liverpool Punch and Pimms Cup, which is the Official Drink of Wimbeldon.

Left: Pimm's Cup prepared by Bridesmaid Bunny. She used Pimms liquor, sprite, strawberries, cucumbers, and lemons. Right: Liverpool Punch (sherbert punch) made by Matron of Honor M.

Next, we had cheese and crackers...but not just any crackers! Recently, I was just in Ireland, and my hotel was in walking distance from a Tesco. I was chatting with BM Pumpkin and asked, under the pretense of being hungry, what I should get from Tesco. She immediately responded with "Jacob's Cream Crackers and Cadbury Double Decker candy bars." I know, she's crazy. I lied to her and told her I could never get to the Tesco, but in my luggage I brought back two packages of Jacob's Cream Crackers (below) and 25 Double Decker candy bars (you'll see those later).

We had cucumber sandwiches, which we deemed...

Brie in puff pastry (not shown) and assorted nuts as...

Veggie pinwheels named...

Veggies and Prince Robert's Hummus because Robert, the groom, is addicted to hummus!

We also had Spice Girls Chips and Salsa, Guac Wellington, and Fergie's Fruit. But the piece de resistance was...

Ab Fab Cake
Matron of Honor M got this lovely cake! So delicious!

It was all totally delicious and was eaten right up! Did you really get into the theme via food and beverage at a party you hosted?

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  1. How cute! My groom is English and we are having a Sunday roast as our meal at the wedding. I think all the details of this are just perfect!