Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Bachelorette Party: That's How We Roll!

After Miss Penguin's shower, everyone went their separate ways for a few hours before meeting up again for the big night out. My separate way led me to Taco Bell. I hadn't had much of a chance to eat at the shower (I can't ever eat when I'm hosting a party...something about anxiety and nerves getting in the way) and I was starving!

One burrito supreme and a (crunchy!) taco supreme later, I was feeling full and ready to take a short rest in bed. I knew if I took a nap I'd wake up and be grumpy, so I just read a bit and then scurried around to get ready for the Bachelorette Party portion of the evening. The plan was for the ladies to head over to my house at 8:30 for some snacks and pre-drinking. Then we were gonna head to the bustling metropolis of Raleigh to do some bar-hopping!
Raleigh is totally hotter than Las Vegas!

Miss Penguin is pretty laid back. However, she did not want any penis-paraphernalia at her bachelorette, and put me in charge of spreading the word on this. She said she doesn't find penis decor funny, just embarrassing, and I 100% agree. I know some people like it, and if that's what the bride wants, then I'm all for it. I'll drink out of a penis straw or eat some penis cupcakes for any bride who desires it. But I don't want that for me, and neither did Miss Penguin. I found it interesting that some of the guests were really stuck on bringing penis-related items, even after I told them several times that she expressly stated that she did NOT want this. I had to get kind of firm, and say "It's the BRIDE'S party, and what she wants is what she gets." I would never in a million years say this about myself, but it was a bit easier to be bossy and stick up for someone else!

So instead of genital decor, we kept it simple. We recycled the flowers from the shower, added some streamers and balloons, and made some cute cupcakes!

I don't have a good pic unfortunately, but these wrappers were homemade using a template I found here.

We pumped up the jamz courtesy of a playlist Sister PB made. I just had one stipulation for a special song to be included...

Then it was time to get in our ride and head to the Big City! How were we getting there?

A sweet SUV limo, that's how! As you can see, Miss Penguin is decked out in a Bride tank and boa, like any good bachelorette would be. Also, you might be wondering who that guy is on the, we may have picked him and his buddy up at the second bar we went to and made them come with us in the limo to the next club. Because that's how we roll!

Ladies in the limo!

First we went to a sophisticated martini bar called Oliver Twist...

Then we went to Rum Runners for singalong and dancing fun. And our group really loves a good singalong!

We immediately got onstage and sang "I Will Survive" and, unfortunately, "Party in the USA." Yes, I know that I have now referenced Miley Cyrus two times total in my blog posts. I'll try to refrain from that in the future.

Also at Rum Runners, Miss Penguin was called onstage to be hopefully only mildly embarrassed.

She looks kind of pissed, huh?

Finally, we went to some swank, fancy-shmancy bar named Solas. Someone might not have very good memories of what this place was like. Someone might have just kept drunkenly saying "This place is like Miami!!! Why is there a bar like Miami in Raleigh???"

Yep, that's yours truly in the green. Miss Polar Bear was totally over-served by those bartenders through absolutely no fault of her own, of course.

In my defense, it was a bachelorette party and someone had to be a drunk fool. I was happy to take one for the team!

Overall, everyone seemed to have a blast, and Miss Penguin especially did. It's so much fun to be a part of her wedding, and for us to be able to plan our weddings together!

Do you have a wedding buddy to share all the fun events with? And have you ever been, um, over-served during any wedding activities of your own or someone else?


  1. Holy cow! You guys rolled deep. Looks like you had a blast, too!

  2. Wow! Looks like you had a wonderful time!! Now *that* was a party!

    I have to agree that I am anti-penis decor as well- plan to spread the word among my ladies. But cupcakes?! I am all about cupcakes! Great decor switch.

  3. At my batchlorette party we started at STK a very nice steak resturant. They kept bringing our party bottles of champagne, I was definitely not complain... till the next morning when I felt horrible!
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  4. So fun! You are quite the fabulous planner. How's your stuff coming along?