Sunday, July 4, 2010

British Shower: The DecorUM

Get it, decorUM? Because British folks are so proper? O-kayyyyyy....

Quick side story about England and decorum: Living in North Carolina, I am really not used to mass transportation, and prefer the personal space of my car. Mass transit makes me nervous and I usually do something stupid while I'm on a bus, train, plane, metro, etc. One time I was in London on a bus with BM Bunny and another friend of ours. The bus stopped, and I let go of the pole I was holding onto briefly. Then the bus abruptly started and I went flying down the aisle, and the only way to stop myself was to grab onto something, and what I grabbed onto happened to be an older woman's boob. #lack of decorum

Anyways, I know you are dying to know how we decorated for this Britsh Shower. Luckily, I have a coworker who lived in England for a while. She donated most of the decor, and it was awesome. She had books, records, stuffed animals, and British cars...see?

We also used some of my milk glass vases, Cadbury minis, and British magazines I got in Ireland. The Beatles poster above - I got that for free, as well as a Queen of England sticker decal, from one of Vistaprint's awesomely free (just pay shipping) promotions!

The flowers were supposed to be red and blue but were actually purple, in case you were wondering. Don't ask.

There were some other posters and pictures and flowers scattered about as well. All in all, I think Miss Penguin really enjoyed the shower, and I think most of the guests enjoyed it as well. Sometimes I think showers can be too stuffy or formal or boring, but hopefully this one was not - my perception might be slightly biased since I was so excited about the planning and execution. But I think everyone had fun!

Have you been to a shower where it was not very fun, or even awkward? I want to hear all about it!

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