Monday, April 18, 2011

Frickin' Hair Y'all


My hair is frickin' making me bananas, y'all. B - A - N - A - N - A - S. I get bored with my hair pretty easily. It used to be really short...
As a super cool freshman in 1998.
Then it was long and blonde, which is my default...
Pre-braces y'all, be kind.

Then I ran out of money and started box dyeing it brown. Having brown hair is super fun! I typically get bored every three or four years and dye it brown again for about six months.

It's amazing that Mini Magic and Magic Smizz look so young, and I look exactly the same as I look now!

But now...I am growing it out and have been growing it out since December 1, know, when we got engaged. Oh sure, I get it trimmed every now and then, but it is frickin' long y'all, and all I want to do every day is pile it on top of my head and wrap the good kind of rubber band around it.

Anyways, I recently went in to get my four inch roots taken care of (no, my hair does not naturally grow out of my head blondey blonde blonde...I wish!), get a trim, and have a wedding hair trial. I had really low expectations of the hair trial. Even though I like my hair stylist, I have had too many bad experiences as a bridesmaid gettin' my hair did to have much confidence in this trial.

Oh wait, hang on....
 Image of Professor Albus Dumbledore by Murray Close via NY Times / text added by Miss Magic

There may or may not be pics of me with my hair did and in a dress and veil, so go away if you are my future husband or if you otherwise wish to be surprised about my wedding day look.

I very originally chose a side swept side pony tail...I have no original thoughts, as previously written about here and here. I know the side pony is really popular in wedding land right now, but I swear I invented it, back in 1986. I can't find any pics, but trust me, I rocked the side ponytail with a baggy t-shirt clipped to the side and my jeans tight rolled.
Image from Napoleon Dynamite via Mom's On the Roof Again!

I want a side swept bang, a curled and full side ponytail, a teased crown for some fullness (hey, I'm Southern, I can pull it off!), and I want the hair to cover my ears on both sides. While I am embracing my unique ears, I don't wanna showcase 'em, you know what I mean? So this is what I was going for...

 Image via VisualFXSalon

Jessica Simpson from Eye Kande

And this is what I got!
 Oooh, pretty!

From the back...I think it could be a bit more undone.

Does my nose for real look like this from the side? Or is this picture just...whack?

Since I had just had my hair colored and washed, it was not holding curls at all. But, I still think it looks pretty darn good! I couldn't believe that my hair is long enough to do this style with...and I still have like six more months to grow! Which is a good thing for the hairstyle, but I might be insane by then. I mean, I am already ready to chop it all off.

A couple of hours later I tried it on with the dress and veil. I'd asked her not to hairspray it, because I wanted to be able to brush it out and not bother washing it again. I haven't revealed my actual dress but you can see part of it in this photo. And a veil post is forthcoming, don't you even worry your pretty little head over it!

No curls, but cute. She teased it some on the crown and it looked awesome...but I think we can go bigger! By the day of my wedding, I think my hair is gonna look awesome...but I might be kinda insane by then, from the sheer amount of hair growing time I have had to endure.

Any pointers on my wedding day hair? And is your hair making you into a raving lunatic? Maybe we can form a support group....

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