Sunday, January 29, 2012

NC Holiday Bee Meet Up

We did have our holiday bee meet up - I was just a slacker bee who didn't blog about it. Without further adieu, here's what happened!

We ate a boatload of cheese fondue. As in, we ordered two for our group, and then ordered an extra one. Yummmmmmm.

We ate some chocolate too, of course!

We figured out each others' real names. Like, scottsouth's name is not Scott. But we called him Scott anyway.

We ooohed and aaahed over jillocb's baby bump!

 elimel123, jillocb, Mrs. Cola, Mrs. Magic, and The Souths in front!

It was a fun holiday outing and we all stayed til the very end (til completion? just a little inside joke!)

Nice meeting y'all! Can't wait for the next meetup....maybe when it warms up?

1 comment:

  1. the bee get togethers always look so fun & a night at the melting pot, doesnt get better than that!