Monday, December 13, 2010

Signs and Equations

As I've mentioned a few (gabillion) times, I don't do math. (Interestingly enough, since I am the one doing most of the wedding planning I am also the one in charge of the money and budget. Hilariously scary. But that will be a post for another time...probably about two months before the wedding, when I realize we are wayyyyyyy over budget.)

Anyways, I don't do math. Or money. Numbers of any kind, really. I'm not very good at following any type of calculated plan and that's kind of what creating a wedding is. Adding together a bunch of elements to equal something amazing and romantic and fun and personal.
It's something like this:

(details + decisions + projects - worry - tears + photos x alcohol x unknown)

Today I am obsessing about the elements that needed to be added together to make a good tablescape. Normally, when I throw a party, the table is covered in brightly covered bowls and containers and food, like this.

Somehow, I think this is not gonna go at our wedding.

When I went to look at the (g)linens, the ladies there were really stoked about my milk glass, but also mentioned that maybe I would like to add "something else" to the table. Unknown table elements = immediate stress for this bride.

So now, the equation for our tables looks like this:!Question_mark_alternate.png!Question_mark_alternate.png

Glinen + milk glass + flowers + unknown + unknown
= Awesome Tables!!!

I may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, y'all, but even I know we need to solve for the unknown here so we're starting with signs!

No, not these signs!

These chalkboard signs! I'm envisioning smallish ones on each table with that table's name and a brief description.

Option 1: Shabby Chic. I kinda hate that phrase, but I think it describes these white washed, weathered signs perfectly. Cute, right?


Option 2: Neutral and low key.


Option 3: No border. This would be propped up on a small easel.

Option 4: Brightly colored and quirky! I kinda love this one. I feel like the fancy-ish linens (glinen! Sorry, I can't not say/type it without the jazz hands emphasis!) and the vintage-y silverware is taking us to another level of poshness, and it scares me. This brings the quirk back in.

Option 5: Oh snap, y'all! They went old school with green chalkboard paint!


Option 6: More ornate frames painted in different colors.


OK so no, it isn't rocket science and thank God for that! But I really do need some help making a decision so that me and lil sis can crank these out over the holidays.

Question 1: Black chalkboard paint or green?

Question 2: What type of frame? Borderless, wooden, painted, metal, shabby chic? And if painted, what color?

Question 3: What was your least favorite subject? I bet it was stupid math.

*Just posting that pic of the signs made me feel a bit nauseous. This is how strong my aversion to math truly is.


  1. I love shabby chic. If you think it'll "go" with your wedding, I think it's so easy to find nowadays. Huge trend. I like black chalkboards too. TBH though I thought our tables needed that mysterious something but between the napkins, flowers, favors, cutlery, two types of cups, and table numbers on our tables, we REALLY didn't need anything else. The tables were CLUTTERED. You might find your tables the same way depending on your set up. Just some food for thought :D

    P.S. I HATED math with a passion!

  2. Personally I'm going with black chalkboards in wooden frames painted an antique white. We are using them as accent pieces though rather than having them on every table.

  3. I love Option 6 - black paint in stylishly coloured frames would look great with the colour of your flowers and the white vases!

    I dont mind Maths - its the creative part that I cant do!!

  4. Recent follower here(hiii!) and I'm loving your blog already.

    On to the issue at hand: signs! I'm such a fan of chalkboard signs; numbers 2, 4, and 6 are my faves. I would go with black paint (since it goes with pretty much everything) and a "shabby chic" vibe.. just cause it always looks cool :)

    And I hated physics. Which, coincidentally, is math related, heh!

  5. Black paint FTW, ladies! And I think options #4 and #6 are winning too. This is gonna be a fun project!